Summer Scars

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Brothers Tony and Noé pass the long, sweltering summer days playing games of chance and death until the accident that will change their lives forever. Ten years later, now young adults and back in

Royan, they cross paths with Cassandra, their childhood love. But even after all this time, the brothers are still hiding a secret.

Jadwal Tayang

Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Saturday, October 15 2022 AUDI #6 - 18.30


Simon Rieth
Simon Rieth was born in Paris on September 24th 1995 and grew up in Montpellier. At the age of only

26, he has already directed 6 short films including Saint Jean (2017) and Diminishing Shine (2018),

which have been selected and awarded prizes in numerous festivals including BFI Future Film Festival,