Road to Jakarta Film Week

Program Description

Road to Jakarta Film Week is a pre-festival program for Jakarta Film Week which is held offline and online. In the second year of the festival, the Road to Jakarta Film Week program comes with a new approach, namely through collaboration with educational institutions that focus on the development of the audio-visual world, as well as collaboration with various film communities in Indonesia.

The Road To Jakarta Film Week program aims to celebrate Jakarta as a city that has an important role in the development of cinema in Indonesia. Therefore, the dynamic elaboration between festival organizers, community partners and also educational institutions is deemed necessary to be a spotlight for this year.



Director, Screenwriter, SAE Alumnus
Jakarta Film Week Program Manager
31 JULI 2022


Jakarta Film Week Program Manager Founder @cinemuach Publicist Ngeri-Ngeri Sedap
Founder @cinemuach


Arie Kartikasari
Gayatri Nadya


Evan Wijaya Film Producer
Linda Gozali Film Visual Artist
Timothy Oroh Program Head of Design IDS

Exclusive Short Film Screening

7 September 2022 - 31 Oktober 2022
Drama / 20:14

A mother argues in front of community leaders during a village trial. The trial asks the family to be responsible and pay compensation for their negligence in caring for their child with special needs.

Comedy / 04:11

Nine eccentric robbers on a mysterious mission

Kemeja yang Layak
Drama / 08:06

Anto needs new clothes for work. However, not having enough money to get decent clothes leaves him confused.

Pulang Sebelum Berangkat
Drama / 15:00

Mat and Romlah are a religious couple who live alone in a crowded urban slum. Romlah has a desire to go to the Holy Land (of Islam) before dying. They have turned the bedroom into a prayer room, as well as a nursing home for Romlah. In addition to making it easier to pray together, Romlah's legs, which are partially blackened due to prolonged diabetes, can be trained at any time. Mat is a seller of books, magazines, and prayer equipment in the market. Mat never gets tired of telling Romlah about the splendor of the city of Makkah through the magazines he sells. One day, Romlah's condition deteriorated drastically. He hopes that Mat can persuade the bureau officials to speed up his departure schedule. The effort made the rest of Romlah's jewelry taken by Mat to be pawned. Approaching the day of departure, Romlah and Mat find out that the travel agency's office which they believe is closed due to cases of fraud and embezzlement of pilgrims' money. Romlah's dream to go to the Holy Land has vanished.

Drama / 15:23

Endang is a wife who likes to buy things she doesn't need. One time she has a big argument with her husband because she wanted to satisfy her ego. However, the debate leads to dire consequences for her family.

Menulis untuk Tuhan
Drama / 04:10

Two mysterious figures carry out their daily duties but have different fates. One of them starts muttering about giving up on things that aren’t what they used to be. Circumstances make him feel as if he must immediately fulfill the obligations imposed by the Almighty.

Titik Dua
Drama / 07:30

A candidate for representatives of the people chose to campaign for free on a minibus for rural public transportation.

Drama / 07:00

Keni is a local courier by profession. He delivers packages daily from house to house using his bicycle. One day, without realizing it, Keni is transporting a ball containing an illegal drug, methamphetamine. But the ball is lost on the way. He looks for the ball only to find it fully decorated with doodles in the hands of a small child. Keni buys a new ball instead and delivers it to the destination address. What will happen to Keni?

Drama / 24:30

Anjani is a little girl who doesn't like her stepmother. When the family is spending a holiday in the forest, Anjani plays alone at the back of the house. There alone, she met Jagawana, a mysterious figure who, according to the Indonesian folktale, guards the forest. Anjani follows Jagawana and then gets lost in the dark, mysterious world of Jagawana.

Andai Hujan Tak Datang
Drama / 17:00

Bram arrives home with his uniform and bag and is immediately greeted by his children who immediately ran over to him. Soon Ine follows. Their children immediately said the things they are excited to do with Bram. At the dining table at breakfast, Bram opens a dialogue that seems to tell Ade that he is going far away.

Go Turtle Go!
Drama / 33:25

About a boy who tries to win the challenge from the prima donna of the school to become a solo singer and make friends at his new school.

Harapan Terakhir
Drama / 17:31

Sri has been taking care of her sick husband for 2 months. She has given all efforts until one day, according to Kyai's suggestion, Sri should visit her senile mother-in-law to apologize and invites her to her house because her husband is dying. Apparently the husband has a dark past with his mom.

Winter Greedy Land
Drama / 04:23

Ice Man is a greedy aristocratic male figure who intends to reclaim his spot on a display table owned by a Toy Collector from the miniatures of Christmas Town by destroying them. However, it fails to satisfy him, so he decides to rule the world instead.

Attack on Cholesterol
Comedy / 09:24

Inside the body of a child with high cholesterol named Tommy is HDL, the personification of good cholesterol that keeps him healthy. HDL wins the relentless battle against its little brother, LDL, the bad cholesterol. But Tommy's life is threatened when all the bad fat in his body accumulates and makes LDL much stronger than HDL.

Drama / 18:17

A day before giving birth, a single mother who lives in a remote area has to walk alongside the river alone to the neighboring village to meet a midwife.

Drama / 24:26

An elderly man who has just been released from prison intends to rebuild his relationship with his daughter. One day, while walking through a shopping complex, he hears his late wife's song playing from a music player in one of the shops. The journey to get the album brings him together with a small child who makes him curious. Will he and his daughter reunite?

Old Mercy
Drama / 12:55

To treat her critically ill mother, a woman tries to get money from her father who has long separated from her mother. His father is unable to provide financial assistance, so he gives her an empty cardboard box to be filled with any sellable items. Knowing that won't be enough, she ends up taking his beloved old Mercedes away.

Drama / 17:43

Nara, 25, is a novelist who just lost his fiancee due to a car accident. His current work inspired by their love story seems to be on hold because Nara can't seem to continue writing due to the trauma. Until the set deadline, Nara still unable to finish the final chapter. A hefty fine awaits if he fails to finalize it on that day.

U Un Conscious
Thriller / 05:54

Pee, an office worker, has to wake up from sleep for a meeting at the office. But he is trapped in his nightmare.

Comedy Thriller / 05:53

An unemployed man named Rojak has to provide for his pregnant wife. He asks a friend named Budi to carry out a robbery in a luxury house. However, because Rojak and Budi have no experience in robbery before, they get caught on the streets.

Drama / 05:00

A young man named Andi is a perfectionist who lives with his mother. But at the same time, Andi is a lazy child. Every day his mother nags because of the incorrect use of home appliances in the living room, such as the fan, TV, and lamps. Not only that, trash is scattered everywhere. Andi was annoyed with all the nagging that he decided to leave and find a job so that he could live alone. Then a friend of his unexpectedly offers him to work in his office, but he has to go through an interview process.

A Burnout
Drama / 07:19

Raina is an artisan who showcases her work on social media. One day, her work goes viral, and eversince she starts getting lots of jobs and earnings. Everything seems to be going smoothly and fun initially, especially since she earns money from her work. But slowly, being overworked gets tiring and accumulates stress causing him to burn out. She reaches her breaking point working on a project with grave difficulty. The tiredness leads to him being unfocused and accidentally spilling water on her laptop, causing it to break. She falls into a cycle of depression and despair until her best friend, Dian, pulls him out of the abyss.

Jambrong & Gondrong
Comedy / 07:00

Jambrong & Gondrong is an animated short film featuring two characters, Babe Jambrong and Bang Gondrong. They work as unofficial parking attendants in a location behind a large shopping mall in Jakarta. Together, Babe the curt and Bang Gondrong the sloppy make the perfect troublesome duo to take care of the parking lot.

Letter for Mother
Drama / 04:52

An elementary school student named Jaya is assigned to write a letter on Mother's Day. Jaya is working on it when his classmate Gilang and his gang snatch the letter and taunt him. Jaya's struggle to reclaim the letter from Gilang's hands and the adventure to get the letter back awaits Jaya.