Road To Jakarta Film Week Presents 4 Jakarta Films in Cinema

Road To Jakarta Film Week Presents 4 Jakarta Films in Cinema

Jakarta, 1 November 2021. With the Jakarta Film Week 2021 being just around the corner
which will take place on 18-21 November, the Jakarta Provincial Tourism and Creative Economy
Office will hold Road to Jakarta Film Week 2021—a pre-festival event that will be held on 5-7
November 2012.

Road to Jakarta Film Week 2021 will feature four thematic selections of curators representing
their respective fields of expertise. The curators include Nia Dinata (director), Asmara Abigail
(actor), and Amir Siregar (critic).

The selected films will depict Jakarta in cinema originating from three time periods, namely
1950-1969, 1970-1989, 1990-2010. The films selected by the curators and will be screened are
Asmara Dara by Usmar Ismail which was released in 1958, Cintaku di Rumah Susun by Nya’
Abbas Akup which was released in 1987, and Opera Jakarta by Sjumandjaja which was released
in 1985, and Love by Kabir Bhatia which was released in 2008.

In selecting these films, apart from depicting the capital city, the curators also considered the
aesthetic approach and the socio-political conditions of the period and their impact on the
development of films in Indonesia.

The films can be watched online during the event, via without paying for a ticket. In
addition to watching these films, during Road to Jakarta Film Week there will also be webinars
which will be held three times, with speakers experienced in their fields.

The speakers include cultural anthropologist Aryo Danusiri, journalist Permata Adinda, and the
curators of Road To Jakarta 2021, namely Nia Dinata (director), Asmara Abigail (actor), and Amir
Siregar (critic), with Gietty Tambunan as moderator.

Road To Jakarta Film Week will be followed by the main festival, which will be held on 18-21
November 2021. The Jakarta Film Week is an international film festival organized by the Jakarta
Provincial Tourism and Creative Economy Office in collaboration with Super 8mm Foundation.
The programs carried out by the Jakarta Film Week include screenings of feature and short films
from various countries, funding selected story ideas in the Jakarta Film Fund, Masterclasses for
professional film workers, Talks to discuss current issues in the film industry, and also
Community as a forum for exchanging experiences and strengthening the network.

Selected feature films and short films will compete to win the Global Feature Award, Global
Short Award, and Direction Award. Industry players also have the opportunity to showcase their
works in the Exhibition and Showcase rooms located in the main location of the festival. The
Jakarta Film Week will be held offline and also online on

The Jakarta Film Week is expected to be a forum for Indonesian film industry players, especially
in Jakarta, to develop both in terms of discourse, skills, and network. In addition, it can be a
trigger for the film industry in other areas to grow so that its overall quality improves as a
whole. All programs and information related to the Jakarta Film Week can be accessed on the page.

The synopsis of the films that will be aired at Road To Jakarta Film Week 2021 on
Asrama Dara (1958), curated by Amir Siregar
Asrama Dara tells the story of the life problems of the dormitory which are packaged musically.
The twists of a love quadrilateral, a child who is neglected by his parents, to a one-sided love,
are all told beautifully from each resident. Usmar Ismail’s masterpiece film stared by Aminah
Cendrakasih, Rendra Karno, Suzanna, Chitra Dewi, and a series of other actors.

Cintaku di Rumah Susun (1987), curated by Nia Dinata
Cintaku di Rumah Susun is a sketch about living in a flat whose diversely inhabited. Somad who
is old enough but prohibited from dating by his grandfather, Zuleha who likes to seduce Somad
but turns out she is a mistress from a bandit and a triangle love that leads to misunderstanding.

Opera Jakarta (1985), curated by Nia Dinata
Joko who is raised by his grandmother without knowing his mother grows into a popular boxer.
A woman, Rum, who is going to married runs away from home and falls in love with Joko or
more popular as Yoko. Yoko, who has become increasingly popular, has now also become a
symbol of young people’s defiance, thus becoming the target of many parties.

Love (2008), curated by Asmara Abigail
A film that tells the love story of 5 couples, Nugroho and Lestari, Rama and Iin, Awin and Tere,
Restu and Dinda, Gilang and Miranda, each with a unique background and an unusual love

Road to Jakarta Film Week 2021 Webinar Schedule

~ 5 November 2021 ~
16.00-18.00 WIB

Theme : Jakarta dari Masa ke Masa

Speakers : Amir Siregar, Nia Dinata, Asmara Abigail
Moderator : Gietty Tambunan

~ 6 November 2021 ~
16.00-18.00 WIB

Theme : Darah Muda dan Mata Muda

Speakers : Jason Iskandar and Permata Adinda.
Moderator : Gayatri Nadya

~ 7 November 2021 ~
16.00-18.00 WIB

Theme : Mimpi-mimpi Urban: Jakarta dan Daerah dalam Sinema

Speakers : Aryo Danusiri and Fanny Chotimah.
Moderator : Makbul Mubarak

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