Film Death Knot dan Kompilasi Jakarta Film Fund Meramaikan Hari Kedua Jakarta Film Week

Death Knot Film and Jakarta Film Fund Compilation
Enliven Day Two of Jakarta Film Week

Jakarta, 19 November 2021. Hosted by the Jakarta Provincial Tourism and Creative Economy
Office, the Jakarta Film Week 2021 is officially held on 18 – 21 November 2021. On the second
day, Friday, November 19, 2021, this international film festival presented screenings of national
films and world cinema.

Film screenings were held in two places, CGV Grand Indonesia and Metropole XXI, Jakarta. The
films screened at CGV Grand Indonesia include Yowisben 3, You & I, Me and the Cult Leader,
Money Has Four Legs, Cinta Bete, Death Knot, and the Jakarta Film Fund film compilation. There
were also short film screenings, such as The Girls are Alright, Diary of Cattle, Elephant Bird,
Glass Shards, and Golden Frames in the Closet.

In addition, question and answer sessions were also held after the screenings of the films, such
as Death Knot. Cornelio Sunny, as the director, said that this film was based on a myth in
Gunung Kidul. “There is a phenomenon known as Pulung Hanging, where people believe there
is a mystical influence that makes people in the village hang themselves at certain times,” he

Meanwhile, at another location, at Metropole XXI, films such as 12×12 Untitled, Aline, the Voice
of Love, and Recalled were also screened. All tickets previously bookable through LOKET were
completely sold out to the audience.

Another program also took place on the second day, namely the first Community session. The
event was held online, from 15.30 – 17.30 WIB, revolving around the topic Audience-Based Film
Festivals. Some of the speakers who took part in the session included Jamalludin Phonna from
Aceh Film Festival, Sukhadharmi from UCIFEST, Nauval Yazid from Europe on Screen, with Nada
Bonang from the Film Community as the moderator.

The discussion with these three speakers centered on how the pandemic has brought changes
to the orchestration of film festivals. One of the changes is the implementation of hybrid events,
aka offline and online.

“Hybrid will be the new normal for film festivals. Indeed, nothing replaces the experience of
watching and appreciating communally with other viewers. But by going online, we open ourselves up to a wider and more diverse audience, and many new ideas also originate from working on film festivals online,” said Nauval Yazid from Europe on Screen.

The Jakarta Film Week is held from 18-21 November 2021. The offline events are held at CGV
Grand Indonesia, Metropole Cinema XXI, and Ashley Wahid Hasyim Hotel. In the meantime, all
online movie screenings can be watched exclusively on All ticket reservations can be
made through LOKET.

The film program includes the Global Feature that contains feature-length films, the Global
Short that features screenings of short films, from Indonesia and abroad. The selected feature
films and short films will compete to win the Global Feature Award and the Global Short Award.
There is also the Direction Award, a competition for Indonesian films that are screened during
the festival.

Another program that focuses on funding is the Jakarta Film Fund. The Jakarta Film Week
program team has selected five short film story ideas that have undergone mentoring, movielab
directing, scriptwriting, and image editing processes. These films are all screened during the
festival, at CGV Grand Indonesia.

The Jakarta Film Week also includes other programs such as Masterclass for film professionals,
which will be held online on 20 November 2021, featuring Mmabatho Kau and Sahana Kamath
as speakers, and Talks and Community, each of which will be held in two sessions.

The first Talks session will be held on Saturday, 20 November 2021, at 15.00 WIB, both online
and offline at Ashley Hotel, Jakarta on the topic of Trends in Film Investing and Post-Pandemic
Audience Enthusiasm. The second session will be held on Sunday, 21 November, at 16.00 WIB,
both online and offline at Ashley Hotel, revolving around Creative Strategy Post-Pandemic in the
Film Industry.

The first Community session will be held online, streamed from Ashley Hotel, Jakarta on Friday,
19 November 2021, at 15.30 WIB, on the topic of Audience-Based Film Festivals. The second
session on Film Critics vs Film Reviews will be held on Sunday, 21 November 2021. The event
will be held both online and offline at Ashley Hotel, Jakarta.

All events at the Jakarta Film Week are free of charge and tickets can be ordered through LOKET.
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