Sunat Racing

Production Year
Running Time
19 minutes
Drama, Comedy


Being the middle child between high achieving brother and sister has made Raden try to find something his father who idolizes Jokowi, the president of Indonesia, would acknowledge. Until there is a bicycle competition and a meet and greet with Jokowi. Raden feels that would be the perfect opportunity to please and get his father’s attention. When he asks his father to buy a racing bicycle, he has him circumcised instead. However, Raden still decides to keep participating in the bicycle race while recovering.


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Friday, October 14 2022 AUDI #6 - 19.20


Netanya Yemima
Netanya Yemima was born on 10 April 1999 in Tangerang. Over the past few years, she has focused on studying film directing and screenwriting. Netanya is a graduate of Multimedia Nusantara University. The last short film she wrote and directed, 'Rumah Kuta Kita, has been screened at various festivals and screening events in Indonesia and was selected as the jury's best film at the 2021 Short Semester by the Film Collective.

Production House: Doa Ibu Frameworks

Email: [email protected]