Pesan(an) Terakhir

Production Year
Running Time
14 minutes


Marzuki, a young middle class managing an old restaurant business for generations named Roemah Serodja located in Central Jakarta, is trying to promote the place after almost going bankrupt due to rumors spread by the public. They speculate that the place is haunted. In order to find a solution, he turns the tragedy into a gimmick by turning the place into an antique restaurant themed ‘colonial ghosts.’ Marzuki’s breakthrough indeed brings temporary benefits, but Ismail, Marzuki’s father who has just returned home after a long time to visit his restaurant that was handed over to Marzuki opposes the idea.


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Friday, October 14 2022 AUDI #6 - 19.20


Hariz Soe'oed
With more than 7 years of experience in the videography and commercial video industry, Hariz Soeoed has always pursued his passion as a visual storyteller. He currently works on commercial videos at a production company he founded (Future Play). Because of his love for TV series and cinema, apart from working on commercial videos, he uses his spare time to write short films that he wants to produce himself someday. To study film discipline because he had no prior academic degree in that field, he took acting classes at Bengkel Karya Kuma, screenwriting classes at Wahana Edukasi and Sinema 5. In 2012, he won the AMD Rising Star competition and received the 1st Prize for the Motion Graphic category. In 2020, his short film “Dua Sisi” won the Silver Best award at the Telkomsel x Urbanasia Video Competition and had the opportunity to stream it on

Production House: Future Play

Email: [email protected]