Kabar dari Kubur

Production Year
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Drama, Comedy, Fantasy


Not wanting to go back to the dark place, Mr. Hari’s spirit escapes and returns to the world of the living. He immediately asks for sincere prayers from his only child, Abdul. However, his invisibility makes it difficult for Mr. Hari’s spirit to communicate with Abdul.


Bioskop Date Time
Kineforum Taman Ismail Marzuki Friday, October 14 2022 Teater Sjuman Djaya - 19.15


Muhammad Rasyid Baihaqi
Rasyid Baihaqi has been making films since 2013. He loved the cinematography and now decided to become a director. He has attended secondary level training (cinematography class) for Pusbang Film 2017, School of Seeing from InDocs 2018, Story Class from Wahana Edukasi 2019, and Storytelling Class & Screenwriting Class from Kinosaurus 2019. Several of his short films have won success at national and international film festivals.

Rasyid Baihaqi
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