Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko

Production Year
Running Time
97 Minutes


Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko is the heartwarming and moving comedy drama of an unconventional family ‒ a
not-so-ordinary mother-and-daughter pair who live their lives to the fullest. Easy-going, cheerful, passionate and always ready to eat something delicious, mother Nikuko falls hard for the bad guys. Her happy motto: “Being ordinary is best of all!” Naturally Nikukoʼs loud and bold spirit embarrasses 11-year-old Kikuko, her daughter on the verge of puberty. With nothing in common except living together on a boat at the port, a miracle occurs when their secret is


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Sunday, October 16 2022 AUDI #4 - 13.10


Ayumu Watanabe
Born in 1966, Watanabe joined Studio Mates in 1986 and debuted his first original picture with the same studio. In 1988 he moved to Shinei Videos and was active in a wide range of roles including key animator, animation director, and director. Watanabe directed the short theatrical release Obachan no Omoide (2000), and the feature film Doraemon: Nobitaʼs Dragon 2006 (2006) and became a free agent in 2011. After that time, he tirelessly built up his directing portfolio with projects such as the TV series Mysterious Girlfriend X (2012), Danchi Tomoo (2012-15), If Her Flag Breaks (2014), Space Brothers (2012-14), and Ace Attorney (2016). Three TV series directed by Watanabe aired in 2018, including After the Rain, Gurazeni, and Major 2nd. in 2019, after 5 years of production years, Children of the Sea was presented to the world and was highly acclaimed for its overwhelmingly beautiful visual and profound theme behind it. Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko is his fifth time directing a full-length theatrical release.