Festival Talks: Insights From Festival Insiders


Festival Talks: Insights From Festival Insiders
16 Oktober 2022, 11.00 – 12.30 WIB

Film festival is a one of environment for both filmmakers and audiences, Some of films experiences first screening in film festival yet some others might only have chance to be exhibit on festival. For audiences, the festivity of film festivals also brings different experiences than regular cinema. The ambience, the forum, the excitement and the gathering will never be the same outside the festival. With the number of festivals in the country and region arise, a wide range of variety programs also enrich the taste of festivals. The next questions, how to maintain the festival programming and keep the sustainability of the film festival from funding, organizers spirits, and connection from one festival to another?

As festival organizers, do we need to have a timeline and schedule so as not to overlap each other? How’s the possibility to have the balance between both a playground for the audience to enjoy the whole attraction out of film screening and filmmakers to use the film festival as a platform to develop their capacity with the industry professionals? How to manage sustainable funding and support from third parties? Is it necessary for festival organizers to join regional unions for film festivals to keep in the loop of the networking?

This event takes place offline and online with limited capacity by invitation.


Ellen YD Kim - Bucheon International Film Festival
Nauval Yazid - Europe on Screen
Ajish Dibyo - Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival


Vivian Idris