Talks : Navigating Your Talent As An Actor


Navigating Your Talent As An Actor

16 October 2022, 13.00-15.00 WIB

Actors are often the first faces of films. More than the celebrity culture that often surrounds them, actors are audience representatives in the world of film. His speech and gestures are generally the first steps for the audience to enter the world imagined by the filmmaker.

The development of actors in Indonesia is relatively smooth, considering that every year there is almost always a new generation of actors that comes to the surface. Some of them could even share the same scene. What is rarely disclosed to the public is how each generation of these actors interpret the arts they are engaged in. In fact, behind every magical power of cinema, there is always a method to be learned.

Talks program at Jakarta Film Week brought together two actors from different generations, Verdi Solaiman and Jourdy Pranata. Both, with their own unique track records, will share the stage to explore how they live out their roles, respond to the camera, and immerse the audience for a moment in the world of cinematic fiction.

This event takes place offline at Kineforum TIM with limited participant capacity.


Jourdy Pranata
Verdi Solaiman


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