Masterclass: Why We Need Post-Production Management


Why We Need Post-Production Management

15 October 2022, 13.00 – 16.00 WIB

Film was born from a number of long processes that do not always go hand in hand. From the first day of pre-production to the last day of shooting and sound, there are various line tasks, each with their own goals and timelines. When everything is complete, every element produced during production is then sewn into a complete work in the post-production process. Likewise, the post-production process is divided into a number of task lines with their own processing time. Some can be worked on in tandem, some need to be completed separately. A post-production manager is responsible for organizing, managing, and directing the various processes so that they can be integrated into a film right before the premiere schedule.

So far, the post-production manager’s role is rarely discussed openly in Indonesia. Knowledge about it is still limited to the film industry, which is mostly tested and developed through a trial and error process. Only a few of them have been put into practice in the film education curriculum in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the film industry continues to grow, both in the realm of cinema screens and digital screens, so that film production will certainly continue to increase every year. So is the need for a post-production manager.

This masterclass will present speakers from three different areas involved in the post-production process, namely editors, producers, and sound engineers. The three resource persons were presented so that the discussion about post-production and the role of post-production manager (post-production manager) is conveyed completely from various work areas in post-production (post-production).

This event takes place online with a limited capacity and participants are selected based on their experience of being involved in making short films, feature films or series involved in the post-production process of at least 1 title.


Satrio Budiono
Tersi Eva Ranti
Ahsan Adrian


Kevin Nugroho