Exhibition: Pasar Kreatif


Exhibition: Pasar Kreatif
10 – 16 Oktober 2022, CGV Grand Indonesia

Jakarta Film Week was born in the middle of the pandemic last year. This year, Jakarta Film Week returns to reflect the fighting spirit of a new generation of cinema to rise and recover from the pandemic. With the theme Emerge, Jakarta Film Week invites all of us to go through a transitional period and join us in welcoming a new era for cinema.

For this reason, Jakarta Film Week holds an exhibition. The exhibition is a special presentation from Jakarta Film Week to the public to experience the world of cinema outside the viewing room. Around 84 still photos were curated to depict visual-artistic frames from the films screened at Jakarta Film Week. This exhibition is a result of collaboration with the fine arts platform Senimart which acts as the exhibition management team. As one of the most straightforward forms of visual art, the still photography in this exhibition is expected to be a ‘quick spectacle’ outside the cinema that is able to illustrate the efforts of film industry players in breaking the boundaries, to emerge.

The exhibition program is also part of the Creative Market, which is held as a meeting space for audiences and filmmakers to share discourse, joy, and hope for the future of the film industry.

Jakarta Film Week x Senimart