Day 3 – Anecdote Behind the Filming of Just Mom

Anecdote Behind the Filming of Just Mom

The premiere of the film Just Mom by director Jeihan Angga opened the third day of the Jakarta Film Week at CGV Grand Indonesia, Saturday 18 November 2021. Several of its actors were also present at the premiere of Just Mom including Christine Hakim, Ayushita, Ge Pamungkas, Niken Anjani, Toran Waibro, and Jordan Omar.

After the screening, director Jeihan Angga shared the story behind the making of the film. “This film was originally intended for everyone who obviously has a mother, born of a mother. Either a biological mother or anyone who is considered a mother,” said Jeihan Angga.

The film originated from a collection of short stories entitled Mother, The Lost Prayer by Bagas D. Bawono that was published in 2015. One of the stories in the book brought Jeihan and the team to an encounter with a woman with a mental disorder who was pregnant. 

Revolving around the theme Persons with Mental Disorders (PwMD), Jeihan Angga tried to comprehend the world of a woman, a mother from a unique perspective. He also tried to depict the determination of a mother who sees her children, not from her children who see their mother. 

Broadly speaking, this film tells the story of a mother named Siti (Christine Hakim), who decides to take care of a PwMD woman, named Murni (Ayushita), who is pregnant. This decision is opposed by Siti’s children, even though Siti wants to take care of Murni due to loneliness because her children are already busy with their own households.