Day 1 – Ranah 3 Warna, the Opening Film for Jakarta Film Week

Ranah 3 Warna, the Opening Film for Jakarta Film Week

Jakarta, 18 November 2021.  Ranah 3 Warna, directed by Guntur Soeharjanto, officially world premiered and became the opening film for the Jakarta Film Week 2021 at CGV Grand Indonesia, Jakarta on Thursday, 18 November 2021. The actors involved in Ranah 3 Warna, such as Arbani Yasiz, Teuku Rassya, Maudy Koesnaedi, and Raim Laode attended the screening. The filmmakers and representatives of MNC Pictures, the production house, were also present during the screening.

“We would like to thank the Jakarta Film Week for choosing this film as the opening film. The screening is very special for us because we have never seen it on the big screen. We feel proud to be involved in the Jakarta Film Week event,” said Mr. Titan Hermawan as President Director of MNC Pictures, in his remarks shortly before the film was screened.

Guntur Soeharjanto as the director of the film Ranah 3 Warna also admitted that, out of a total of 27 films he has worked on, this is the longest film he has ever worked on. Guntur also added that the film was personal and very memorable for him because it succeeded in visually portraying the meaning of patience, in line with the phrase “Man Shabara Zhafira” from this film. Guntur wished that this film would benefit and leave an impression on the audience.

In addition, the intriguing aspect of this film is the integration of various characters and social backgrounds that reflect the diversity of Indonesia. “It is substantiated by the presence of diverse languages ​​in this film, such as Indonesian, French, Arabic, English, as well as local languages ​​from different regions in Indonesia,” said Guntur.

This film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Ahmad Fuadi. It is the second novel that was adapted to the big screen, as a continuation of the film Negeri 5 Menara. “In the process of writing, I imagine conveying moral messages through writing. For me personally, the adoption of the novel Ranah 3 Warna to the big screen means I’ve reached a new height. This is like a bonus a writer can hope for,” said Ahmad Fuadi, author of the novel Ranah 3 Warna, who was also present at the screening.

According to the released information, the film Ranah 3 Warna is planned to be in theaters next year, once the circumstances permit.