Foreword by the Jakarta Provincial Office

Jakarta Film Week is here again, after the success of its first event last year. The presence of this international festival is a response to the increasingly active, productive and creative Indonesian filmmakers.

This year’s Jakarta Film Week carries the theme of emerge, with the hope that this festival can be present as a creative space to accommodate and welcome new talents needed by the Indonesian film industry. Whether it’s the filmmakers who make short films, feature films, animations and also as a place to gather the seeds of new producers.
With the holding of this festival, the City of Jakarta is ready to become a gathering place for filmmakers from various regions in Indonesia, and ready to facilitate the space and needs of films in terms of entertainment, audiences and industry for the development of the economy and the creative life of their filmmakers.

The Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Office hopes that, through Jakarta Film Week, Jakarta can become a space for growth and collaboration for creative world actors, especially films in Jakarta and those who come to Jakarta. And make Jakarta one of the destinations for international collaboration.
Hopefully Jakarta Film Week can be enjoyed by the people of Jakarta, and also the people of Indonesia at large.


– Andhika Permata – 

Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Department