Foreword by the Festival Board


•   •   •

The pandemic is starting to subside. And the world of cinema is regaining momentum. Since last year, we have felt this trend. The spectacle is getting more varied, and cinema films are improving and even surpassing the record number of viewers: 9 million viewers (KKN Desa Penari) and 6 million viewers (Pengabdi Setan). Five films earned more than two million (even nearly 3 million) viewers, and three films with two million viewers. We can already feel it too from the film festival side. An Autobiography that won the Fipresci Award at the Venice Film Festival, for instance. Film festivals are getting increasingly active with offline or hybrid methods.

Alongside cinemas, online platforms are also increasingly in demand. Not only are they an alternative for exhibitions and distribution, but they also serve as archives for accessing old films for legal viewing. Another important thing is the increasing number and improving quality of series made by Indonesian talents, which are aired on OTTs of Netflix and Disney Hotstar caliber.

Jakarta Film Week (JFW) follows these developments. Varied films were selected–domestic and overseas, feature and short, and different genres-covered in this festival. OTTs also made a partnership with Vidio to stream curated short films. In addition, an award for series production also appeared.

It all happened in Jakarta. We hope that JFW further strengthens its identity and characteristics as a melting pot for all elements of the film ecosystem in the epicenter of Indonesia’s creative industry. We expect JFW can contribute more to providing a space for open conversations and discussions and a platform for mutual interaction between audiences, the film community, and filmmakers at home and abroad.

Enjoy the festival, Jakarta!

– Ekky Imanjaya / Festival Board –


•   •   •

Film festivals, both to me and to many, are a place to watch quality films. They are also a place for films with different narratives and themes, a place for networking, and most importantly, a place for learning. Since the launch of Jakarta Film Week, which was quite daring in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this festival has become the hope of many young filmmakers, especially as a capacity-building platform with flagship programs such as the Jakarta Film Fund and the newly launched this year Producer’s Lab, both of which are extremely relevant to the needs of the film ecosystem in Indonesia.

The Jakarta Film Week represents the Indonesian Film Board, especially the Festival and Event Organizer Division. We fully support what Jakarta Film Week stands for and hope that the hard work of its Committee will continue to be appreciated and gain support from all parties. As part of the film ecosystem and the Jakarta Film Week Festival Board, I invite all parties, especially the people of Jakarta, filmmakers, and filmgoers, to enjoy Jakarta Film Week 2022.

– Vivian Idris / Festival Board –


•   •   •

The post-pandemic has become a massive trigger to rethinking the Indonesian film industry ecosystem. The rise of digital platforms or Over The Top (OTT) services and the fact that Indonesian film audiences have started to reengage with the cinema has encouraged film industry players to rethink film mapping in terms of aspects such as distribution, creativity, technicality, and regulatory. 

Film festivals are crucial for measuring all components in mapping the film industry. The enthusiasm of Indonesian audiences and the emergence of a new generation of Indonesian filmmakers have inspired Jakarta Film Week (JFW) to provide a collaborative space to explore the mapping of the film industry. The second year of Jakarta Film Week,  supported by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, essentially contributes to boosting appreciation for Indonesian films, renewing audiences’ confidence in domestic films, and drawing lessons from films worldwide.

Thank you for preserving the Indonesian film ecosystem.

– Andhy Pulung / Festival Board –