Festival Ambassador



The presence of film festivals, including Jakarta Film Week, has a huge effect on film industry players. Through a festival, the work of a filmmaker can meet more audiences, and have a wider appreciation space. Many works will be screened and inspire more viewers.

Not only that, through a film festival, collaborations, both local and international, were also held. That way, a festival can become a place for aspirations, exchange knowledge and also a source of information for film industry players.

With so many things that we can explore through a film festival, of course we can also find new talents. In line with the theme of this year’s Jakarta Film Week, emerge. With conditions improving post-pandemic, it is hoped that the film industry will rise and become stronger in the future.

With the various reasons above, it convinced me to take part as a festival ambassador at Jakarta Film Week 2022. Hopefully, many good things will come through this festival. Maybe, thanks to this festival, I can bring Indonesian films abroad, or be involved in the production of films that will be funded by Jakarta Film Week. Come and appreciate the works involved at Jakarta Film Week 2022!

Jourdy Pranata

Actor / Festival Ambassador